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Heart To Heart With Denice...

What do You do in a Time like this?
As I sit here, I’m trying to sort my thoughts and figure out how to put them down on paper. Life right now is not normal for anyone. It’s hard! We are not used to this. Some of us are working and some are not. Some are worried about their financial situation and others are not. Some are getting ready to give birth that are stressed and sad that they won’t have their significant other with them because of this virus. I feel for them. I feel for everyone right now. I pray everyday. I count my blessings. I read my Bible. It helps me so much.

Some families have one child like us and others have two to five or maybe more. What do you do with these lovable bunches of energy at the moment? Most people are on Spring Break but that will soon end and Monday we will have to go back to our homeschooling schedules. Whatever that may look like. They don't all have to be the same. Don't stress. Just try to stay consistent.

So I have done some thinking and put together a list of things you may or may not want to try with the family. Some may already be doing this and some may not. These are all my thoughts and I just wanted to share them with you.

Play Board Games
We all have them shoved in a closet somewhere and we have a lot of them. If not, go to Walmart and buy some. They are totally worth it. Clear off your kitchen table and get some good ol family time in, laugh and make memories.

We love puzzles, when we are done with one we use that special glue to make it stay together and then we put it away. Someday I will buy frames and frame them properly. Its so fun for us to do. We get ours from the Dollar Tree or sometimes we can find some good ones at the thrift stores.

This is another good one to do with the family especially if your children are learning how. Just hearing you and following along in a book teaches them how to read. It’s great.

Just the other day, I got in contact with a friend from the East Coast that we used to be stationed with. Her daughter is a few months younger than my Son and i thought it would be nice to start a Pen Pal thing. I remember I had one at his age and it was always fun to get letters and send them too! He really enjoyed writing the first letter and mailing it off all by himself.

Cleaning and Organizing
I have been cleaning like a mad woman. My Son loves to help. Get them involved! They need to learn life skills. Do things with them, I think it kind of does a reverse psychology thing on them. As long as they think they are helping you and having fun you are teaching them how to do things and in time boom! They can do it on their own when it’s time to make a chore chart.

Outside Time
So right now we can no longer go to any parks in our area. They are all shut down for our 8 week Stay at home Mandate. Instead, we go for walks around the block, I let him run ahead of me just enough but not too far to get some of that energy out of his system. We also get on Amazon and do some easy workouts together. Amazon prime video has tons of workout videos for free. Check them out! We also have a small backyard to play in. It's so nice to get out and feel the sunshine and get some fresh air. Nobody likes to be cooped up all the time.

Drawing Activities
This is always a fun one. This is where you get to tap into that crazy imagination! I did see this fun activity today on facebook where these people put together pieces of paper so it was like maybe three feet long and placed dinosaur toys along them in the sun so it cast a shadow and you trace them out. It was so cool and honestly i can't wait to try it. Time to go digging in the toy box for sure! My Son loves to draw and color and i love to see what comes out of his brain.

Family Movies
We love family movie nights, popcorn and all! We don't regularly watch TV. It's usually off during the week and we splurge on the weekends. We don't have cable, we only watch Amazon and Netflix or we go grab a Redbox movie. It’s crazy to think about how far we have come from the days of BlockBuster. I loved going there on Friday nights to pick out movies! I never thought we would be getting movies dispensed to us through a machine at the grocery store. But then again when i was little i thought by the year 2000 we would be like the Jetsons!

There are so many more things you can do that i have not thought of. I'm sure there are a lot of clever parents out there. Whatever you are doing, cherish this crazy time. Slow down and relax. Yes it’s an inconvenience, yes it sucks, yes we will get through this. Just think of the stories we will have when we get older like our grandparents had to tell us when we were growing up. My hope is that you all stay healthy and happy and that this time strengthens your Family as a whole.
Denice Dobbins...


Getting your home ready to sell

Let's talk about Getting your Home Ready to Sell
When The Time is Right......

Spring is just around the corner, so Now is a Great Time
to put it on the Market if you want to Move!

Here are just a few tips I have put together that might help you out. If you have more, Please let me know, as I would love to see them!

(1) Disconnect Yourself From Your Home
I know, you have spent years there and have made many memories but try to think of it as a place that other people can live. You will take those memories with you and make so many more in the next house. I promise!

(2) Depersonalize The House.
Take all family photos down, most of your artwork, and matching window coverings if that pertains. You want people to walk in and envision their stuff there and it’s a little hard to see that through someone else's taste. Like zebra print curtains to match the zebra print bedding or crazy masks on the wall... you get my drift. I walked into a house one time with leopard print carpet everywhere. I love leopard print don't get me wrong, but wow! It was hard to see past that. Maybe just don't do that. Ever lol

3. De-clutter
Go through all of your belongings, like a spring cleaning! How perfect is that? If you haven't used something for over a year, then you probably don't need to keep it around. Get rid of broken items, donate stuff, have a garage sale, just lighten your load. You want your house to be easy to walk through plus it will help out when you do sell and move on to the next big adventure. You might want to consider renting a storage unit to start putting your belongs in if you have a lot. I don't recommend using your garage as one because that's a biggie for the potential buyers to see too and they want to make sure their vehicles can fit along with other toys they have.

4. Organize Closets And Cabinets
When people come through your home, they will look in every closet and cabinet. No doubt about that! They want to see how much space they would have to fit all their belongings. I would probably just keep the bare essentials like a limited amount of plates, cups, utensils etc. etc.

5. Remove Or Replace Favorite Items
If you have a favorite chandelier, you need to take it down and replace it with a different one. If you are taking the curtains, take them down. If a buyer comes in and sees these things they may think it comes with the house and be crushed when they don't get them.

6. Make Minor Repairs
Fix sagging or creaky doors, holes in the walls from nails, repaint if needed. Really, nobody likes walking into a hot pink bedroom. The next owner will not have your same taste. Replace cracked tile, re-cock sinks or showers, replace light bulbs, and blinds if they are in need of that.These little things could get you your asking price. You just never know. It's just good to do it. The buyers will appreciate it so much.

7.Clean, Clean, Clean
You might want to call the professionals for this. It will help you out in the long run with the stress and body aches. You want the house sparkling from top to bottom and smelling fresh. After you have spent the money for all that cleaning, keep it up! Maintain because you never know when your agent will call and say "Hey I got a Buyer for ya"! Can we come by in 10 mins?" It Can and Will happen - lol.

8. Landscaping And Curb Appeal
This is SO important! You want that buyer to want to get out of their car to come see your house, not just drive past because it's a little more than they can deal with. Cut and edge your lawn, plant new flowers, paint your railing if you have one or even repaint your door. If you don't know where to start, call a gardener and ask them for a quote. Clean up any of those pesky oil stains if you have any in your garage.

9. Final Walk through
Make sure you walk through your home very carefully, taking note of every room and see it from a buyer's perspective. Move your furniture around if you need to, take furniture out, whatever you have to do to make it look inviting and just fresh. Take Your wants out of the equation, You will not be the one living there.

Just have Fun! Buying and Selling can be Exciting and Stressful all at the same time.
Try to keep Calm and have an Open Mind. You have a Goal and keep that in mind!
It is to Sell Your Home and find your Next Memory making Adventure!

Call Me if I can Help, Or if You have Any Questions!

Denice Dobbins Oceanside-Realtor
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Landscaping Your Home

Landscape is defined as ‘all the visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal’. It is also known as scenery, countryside, topography, land, terrain, environment, there are more but I will stop at those.

The definition for Landscaping is “The process of making a yard or other land more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs.”

Some people have an eye for this and some people just don’t. I have found the best way to get past this is to look everywhere you can for inspiration.

They say to copy someone is the highest form of flattery so flatter away!!! Take a little bit of everything you see and make your own masterpiece. There are many articles out there with great info. Here are the top 2 things that I believe are the most important to consider when starting.

1. Have a Plan

Sketch out your house and yard. Now use your imagination, just let it flow! The sky’s the limit here. Draw 2-3 designs that you would like to see come to life. You might want to make one plan using some of the features you already have and the other start from scratch. You may even want to combine them. Go with the one that makes the most sense Keeping in mind expenses, time, and labor.

Connecting things such as a backyard patio to a fire pit with pathways looks nice and is a simple way to add a little something without racking up a huge bill.

Adding some solar lighting to pathways always looks nice at night and you can find them at a very reasonable price depending on how fancy you want to get. There are some very simple plans you can find online if you want to add a water feature as well. Find a focal point or make several and let it flow from there. Rustic touches are nice too!

To cut costs, it's a good idea to go check out some places around your town that may give supplies away for free.

With a little research, you can find ways to do it yourself or if it's just too big of a task, call the professionals!

2. Think Year Around Landscaping

The goal here is to have a great looking yard in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Choose a little something for every season. Remember to layer your flower beds starting with the smallest plants in front to the tallest in the back.

Plants that are great in the spring and summer are Peonies, Daffodils, Tulips. Gladiolas, Cornflowers, Birds of Paradise, Cosmos, Dahlia, Gardenia, Carnations, Hollyhock, Impatiens, Jasmin, Aster, Gladiolas, and Delphiniums.

Good foliage in the Fall and Winter comes from flowers like Mums, Cosmos, Delphiniums, Gladiolas, Hydrangea, Iris, Jasmin, Hydrangea, Asters, Carnations, Gerber Daisies, Crocus in the snow, Chrysanthemum, Witch Hazel, Glory of the snow, Snowdrop flowers, Winter Aconites and evergreens are all great choices.

I think it’s best to plant a combination of perennials and annuals so you always have some sort of color going on. If you pick the right combinations, you can overlap the growing seasons and have a beautiful yard all year. Once again this is all my personal opinion.
Happy Planting Everyone!


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Why You Should Just Say NO To a FSBO!

The NAR (National Association Of Realtors) Supports the Following:

The number of homes sold by Owners had a decrease in 2018 to the lowest share recorded since this report started in 1981. Just seven percent of home sales were logged as an FSBO. This is most likely due to - fewer homes being listed FSBO overall, and homes listed FSBO not selling and ending up with agent representing them.

The median age for FSBO sellers is approximately 55 years of age. This could be a major factor of people thinking they have enough life experience and knowledge to play real estate agent - which is far from reality.

Just the paperwork involved in the process has increased dramatically as industry disclosures and regulations have become mandatory. This is one of the reasons that the percentage of people FSBOing has dropped from 19% to 7% over the last 20+ years.

About 71% were married couples that have a median household income of $98,800. Regardless of marital status or income, it’s not a stretch to say that those who to try and sell their own home are doing so to try to save some money, but lack real estate experience. FSBO Sellers think they save a huge amount of money, but in actuality this is not true. They still have to pay the Buyers agent when they bring a Buyer. So unless you sell to a Family Member - You Pay!

Statistics show that FSBOs typically Sell For Less than the selling price of other homes. FSBO homes sold at a median of $200,000 last year (up from $190,000 the year prior), which is significantly lower than the median of agent-assisted homes at $264,900. While it’s not possible to make a straight-up comparison between the $200,000 and $264,900 number, that is a HUGE difference.

The report also shows that among the most difficult tasks for FSBO sellers was not only having Qualified Scheduled Home Showings, the correct Legal Documents required, Staging the Home correctly, Professional Photographs and most important Listing the Correct Home Price.
Just because your neighbor down the street sold their home for $400,000, unfortunately does not mean yours will.

Negotiating the price is not as easy as many think. You the home owner have a specific price in mind and have no idea what is going on in the market place, so you go on to Zillow and other online websites and think you now have it all figured out. NOT!!

ALL Home Owners think theirs is the Best on the block! Please always remember: It's what the Buyer Wants to Pay for a Home - NOT what the Seller Expects to get!

If you're thinking about doing a FSBO, I can at least let you know what you Might list your home for, as I have access to Comps, Historical Data, along with Current Trends in the Real Estate Market.

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